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National Support Programs

Allworx System Implementations

We install and support Allworx systems on a national basis.  Our team of professionals and network of certified partners combines to form a national support blanket that supports our customers regardless of their location.  Ask us about how we can implement this program for your company and provide operational and bottom line savings.

SIP Trunking for phone numbers and voice calls

ITBS has a national program that allows your company to keep your telephone numbers and move them anywhere you want.  Our National SIP Trunking service provides our customers with voice service and telephone number coverage throughout the domestic US.  We can port over your existing numbers and move them to any new location you are relocating, cutting down on expensive call forwarding and the loss of a popular number your customers have used for years to reach you.  Ask how we can put this to work for you.

Internet and Network Bandwidth

Our underlying carriers are the nations best service providers.  We will take your existing network requirements and gather multiple proposals from our carriers and bring those options to you with our recommendations.  This is done at no cost or obligation.  We are more than willing to earn your business every day.

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