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Our years of experience provide our customers with accurate, detailed solutions.  Our recommendations are tailor fit to your company's business needs.  The value our customer's experience with our custom fit solutions allow the technology to enable our clients to work their core business, and be successful by using our recommended solutions.  Frankly, if their is something that your business needs  from a technology perspective that we don't know hasn't been invented yet!

Voice Services

Voice communications are critical to all businesses.  The way you communicate with your customers, and how they contact and communicate with your company is the core of continuing business operations for any company.  We provide a full line of all the various choices available in today's marketplace, and can find the right mix for your company.  Lines, numbers, phone systems, office infrastructure, Service providers, technology, platforms, back-ups, and business continuity for your business are some of the services we provide.

WiFi and Fixed Wireless Data

Company work forces are mobile these days and to stay connected you have to have a wireless connectivity strategy.  We have designed and installed hundreds of corporate WiFi networks based upon coverage, speed, and connection density.  This terrific business tool increases your employees productivity while adding automated processes your business needs to stay competitive and up to date.

Fixed Wireless is a last mile strategy that connects locations at a fraction of the cost of constructing copper or fiber infrastructure to get your locations connected.  We have deployed private and service provider networks that reduce latency, provide back-up network connections, and restore network operations during a disaster.

Ask us about how we can help your business stay connected.

Data Services

Data communications is a vital tool in any business operation today.  Without it, you are out of business.  IT Bandwidth has been in the business of designing and building data networks for our customers since 1993.  Our extensive experience and training brings a host of knowledge and tested technology solutions to the table for your company, enabling your company resources to use technology to advance your business, gain new customers, and maintain your company's existing business relationships.

Local Infrastructure - Cabling

Your technology infrastructure is something that supports your business operations.  Today it can be a changing environment that should be architected to support existing and future technologies to build and maintain your business operations.  Wired and wireless environments are the norm in today's office, and outside of the office.  IT Bandwidth has vast experience in the design and build of business technological infrastructures, and we really make it work for your company and employees.  Ask us about it.

Network and Data Protection

Is your company data and network protected?  At the end of 2016, more than 72% of US businesses had no plan or protection in place to safeguard their network from DDoS or Ransomware attacks.  We bring a two pronged approach to protect your business from intrusion and attacks that can bring your company to its knees.

Radware is a leader in network protection, and attack mitigation.  By providing a complete solution of "always-on" appliances and a network based scrubbing machine your business is always protected against the smallest or largest attacks.

HexiStor Data Protection services combine the element of protection and back-up to keep your business running.  PCI compliant practices and HIPAA compliance programs enable businesses to be assured they have a plan in place that works, and the documentation to prove it.

Consulting Services

ITBS has over 30 years of experience to help your company make the correct choices about network technologies.  Our experience began with the old Bell System, and has evolved through the last 30 years of deregulation and innovation.

We can help your business evaluate the available choices today, and make recommendations that will serve your business long into the future.

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